What We Do

We are an immigration law firm that facilitates the transfer of business personnel and individuals to the U.S. from Southern Ontario, Canada and around the world. Our clients include Fortune 1000 corporations, business owners, professionals, artists, celebrities and individuals. We are particularly adept at handling unusual and urgent border-crossing issues. In addition, we frequently counsel entertainers seeking to enter the U.S. to further their careers. We have a successful track record of assisting corporate clients build their talent pool with petitions and applications for both temporary and permanent workers in the U.S. Rosanna Berardi, the principal of our immigration law firm, counsels Human Resource executives, business owners and individuals on strategies relating to U.S. immigration. Troubleshooting on urgent and specialized cases is something at which we excel.

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The areas in which we provide support and counseling include:

  1. Analyzing all issues affecting or relating to inbound visa applications, temporary visas to the United States, U.S. permanent residence, maintenance of lawful immigration status and other immigration needs of employer, employees and individuals from Southern Ontario, Canada and other locations worldwide;
  2. Developing of, and counseling on, corporate immigration policies, procedures and compliance;
  3. Identifying Immigration implications of any corporate change, including mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, salary cuts and reductions in force;
  4. Strategizing with human resources staff and other employees on the immigration laws, and on immigration compliance practices.
  5. Resolving border-crossing emergencies such as refusals & criminal waiver issues;
  6. Troubleshooting immigration emergencies;
  7. Resolving criminal-related immigration issues and preparing nonimmigrant waiver applications and humanitarian parole applications;
  8. Counseling and assisting foreign nationals on complex matters regarding their transfer to the United States;
  9. Preparing green card petitions for Aliens of Extraordinary Ability, Outstanding Researchers & Professors, Foreign Nationals Holding Advanced Degrees, Physicians and other medical specialists;
  10. H-1B Labor Condition Application compliance;
  11. L-1A and L-1B Visas and Blanket L Petitions for intra-company transferees;
  12. E-1 and E-2 Treaty Investor and Trader Visas for foreign investors;
  13. O-1 Extraordinary Ability Visas for entertainers, actors, scientists, researchers, and others;
  14. Naturalization and complex nationality cases, including establishing citizenship by birth or other methods of acquisition.

Consultation Fee

A $250.00 (USD) consultation fee applies to most cases. If your case involves prior refusal at the border or criminal issues, a $300.00 consultation fee will apply.


From time to time other lawyers and professionals may seek to make a specialized referral for a client due to a conflict or for a matter outside of their specific area of practice. We welcome your inquiry. Client relationships will be respected, and clients will receive the highest levels of service and respect from our immigration law firm.